Okay, that'd be good: La Teranga's chicken.

Image: Facebook

An outfit called The Pretty Fork runs dining events around town, including blindfold dinners and progressive multicourse rambles through restaurant-rich neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, March 18, the scene for Pretty Fork’s progressive dinner will be Columbia City, whose restaurant scene has flourished to become one of the city’s most impressively global since La Medusa opened there nearly two decades ago.

A $49-ticket will include three courses at each of three different restaurants, to be revealed just 48 hours before the 7pm event. Booze extra. The restaurants will all be walkable.

But which will they be?

La Medusa, that neighborhood pioneer and consistent Sicilian food performer? Tutta Bella? Geraldine’s, Island Soul, or the latest talk-of-the-town, the Senegalese La Teranga, for goat curry and baobab juice?

And Columbia City Bakery or Full Tilt for dessert?!?

Only one way to find out, folks. It should be good: A recent progressive dinner in South Lake Union included Re:public, Cuoco, and (sniffShanik.