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We Left Out 2 Great Seattle Italian Restaurants!

And boy, did we hear about it.

By Kathryn Robinson February 2, 2015

Leave out Serafina? I don't think so.

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Stop the presses! I’ve always wanted to say that.

Last month’s blog post reflecting Seattle Met’s January list of Great Seattle Restaurants included every Italian place from our master list of recommended restaurants except two, Bizzarro Italian Cafe and Serafina. It was our oversight, either mine or our production department’s—which is to say, mine—and we really regret it.

Why? Because these two restaurants are long-time performers in this town—which is itself a feat. They succeed in neighborhoods, off bases of neighborhood regulars. They are perhaps the top two date nights among pasta-twirling destinations. And they are strivers—both helmed by pros who seriously care about performance and who are constantly monitoring and tweaking and improving. All of these qualities earn them utmost respect from this critic—as evidenced by the fact that they have been among our recommended restaurants since the earliest days of this magazine—and I am genuinely chagrined that our list didn’t show it.

So here’s the new and corrected list of Seattle’s best Italian restaurants. But one last thing, apropos of the "neighborhood regulars” thing: You would not believe the outcry we got in response to our inadvertent omissions. Comments galore, impassioned declarations of mad loyalty—even a typewritten letter from a gentlemen who referenced my review of Serafina for Seattle Weekly, over 20 years ago.

I guess we knew this city was filled with loudly dedicated fans; what was yesterday if not proof of that. Now we know they’re not just into football.




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