Image: Sarah Flotard

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In Wallingford Bizzarro's awning out front remains unchanged since the place opened in 1986. The decor is the conversation piece. Vintage tandem bike, oversize dog statue in a cart, inverted year-round Christmas tree—more stuff hangs from the ceiling than most restaurants have on their walls. Small plates to share? Not on this menu. Every dish is an appetizer or an entree, and every entree comes with a salad. The bread, ferried to the table soon after you sit down, is free. Sunday is always spaghetti-and-meatballs night; the snap pea carbonara is always on the menu, seasons be damned. Sometimes the best plates of pasta are found in rooms that don’t change, atop laminated tablecloths, paired with one of two wine varietals—red or white. Places as comfortable as the food itself.

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Bizzarro Italian Cafe

1307 N 46th St, Seattle, WA, 98103
Wallingford  •  206-632-7277
Daily 5–10