Growlers and tasting paddles at the ready.

It's not exactly hard to get a drink in this part of town.  But strangely, the neighborhood has lacked a tiny neighborhood brewery and taproom, the kind that's springing up in Greenwood, Hillman City, Georgetown, and—duh—Ballard.

Today Outer Planet Brewing opens its doors at 1812 12th Avenue, a nanobrewery located naturally, beneath microhousing. It also shares a wall with the future home of Calf and Kid's sibling cheese bar. To be clear, this is not a brewpub that also dispenses nachos and the occasional vodka soda, like the nearby Elysian. It's a straight-up taproom: production in the back, tables in front, a dish of pretzels (maybe a food truck) for sustenance. Though there's talk of cheese plates once Culture Club opens next door.

The action rightfully centers around its eight taps, where brewer Jim Stoccardo coaxes an impressive breadth of styles out of his small brewing system—IPA, a brown ale brewed with oatmeal, saison, a Pilsner-esque blonde ale, even an imperial stout and some high-octane barleywine.

Outer Planet owner Renato Martins used to work with Stoccardo's brother at Microsoft. Martins liked to homebrew, but describes himself as more of a recipe follower. He hadn't actually met Stoccardo, but any time his coworker shared some of the man's original homebrews, he was blown away. So he suggested they go into business together. Stoccardo's also a painter; his work hangs in the sunny seating area up front.

Right now Outer Planet is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, though hours should expand. Scope the tap list and other details on the Outer Planet website. Meanwhile, prepare yourself for more brewery news on Capitol Hill. 



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