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Salt and Straw's Collaboration Beer Comes to Seattle

It's a salted caramel stout, brewed by Breakside Brewery. Unsurprisingly, it's selling like hotcakes in the Emerald City.

By Caroline Ferguson February 2, 2015

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If anything could soften the blow of a Super Bowl defeat, it's dessert. If any two things could, they're dessert and alcohol. Alcoholic dessert? Sign us up.

Breakside Brewery's salted caramel stout is the result of a collaboration between the excellent Portland brewery and Salt and Straw ice cream company. Salt and Straw is known for its inventive flavors, its neverending lines—and its tendency to team up with other Portland-area producers (another beer-themed collab was a line of six boozy ice creams in 2013).

Western Washington stores received a great big shipment of the salted caramel stout on Friday, after the last shipment to over 100 local stores and taprooms sold out in a flash. Seems like Seattleites really dig their artisanal beer and ice cream mashups (and no one was surprised).

The sweet-and-salty brew was conceived when ice cream maker Tyler Malek and brewer Ben Edmunds meet during PDX Beer Week in 2011. The flavor is the byproduct of unfermentable sugars in a special Salt and Straw caramel that is added to the beer before fermentation.

Malek and Edmunds first created a draft version of the beer in 2012 and 2013, and started bottling in 2014. Now they're making semi-regular shipments of the seasonal brew to their similarly beer-thirsty sister city. Lucky us.

The beer will be available in Seattle until supplies run out—which, judging by the last shipment, could be very soon. Pick it up at grocery stores like PCC, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, and QFC, or at select tap rooms including Ballard Beer Company and Chuck's Hop Shop.

And then drink to better luck next year.


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