Not pictured: The health department-mandated wall that separates cats from coffee prep.

Oakland has a cat cafe. So does Portland. Seattle has not one but two groups working to bring us our own convergence of coffee and adoptable, love-seeking felines. A permanent cat cafe is still a ways off, but the trio behind Seattle Meowtropolitan will host a popup cat cafe on Valentine's Day weekend.

Save your jokes about sad, lonely cat ladies: too easy and too obvious. Show me a prix fix dinner reservation (or any physical interaction that doesn't involve a cameo on Cops) that releases this many endorphins and get you out the door for $10.

The popup is happening February 14 and 15 at Flutter in Pioneer Square, running from 9 to 5 each day. Inside, cats will roam free, awaiting—nay, demanding—your attention and ear scritches. And hopefully not getting all up in your coffee.

Seattle Meowtropolitan cofounder Matt Lai promises 8 to 10 cats; his group is aiming to open a full-time cat cafe, hopefully on Capitol Hill, toward the middle of 2015. Obligatory public service announcement: You do not bring your own cats to a cat cafe.

Reserve a 30-minute block right over here; it costs $10 and coffee (from Herkimer to be precise) is available for purchase. Cat seekers can also do a walk-in reservation, but I predict lines and pandemonium, so the reservation route seems wise.


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