Ordering takeout for the Super Bowl party doesn't have to mean spongy 5-foot party sandwiches. Restaurants you wouldn't normally consider takeout joints are prepping special to-go menus for Sunday's game. 

Sushi Kappo Tamura
Eastlake's upscale Japanese spot is offering four decadent sushi platters at special discounted prices. These range from a cornucopia that includes eight assorted rolls and 20 pieces of velvety nigiri ($90), to the Chisai Platter: five rolls, ten nigiri ($60).

Rain Shadow Meats
The Rain Shadow Press ($100) is a 24-inch party sandwich that can feed 20 of your friends, and is stuffed with the butcher shop's best smoked ham, roast beef, and salami. The 18-inch Romesco ($36) serves up to 12, less if you invite that guy. Every party has one.

La Spiga
Go Italian with La Spiga's lasagna, which can be ordered baked or unbaked. The small tray ($72) serves up to eight, while the large ($140) can feed 18. Four different antipasto platters can also be ordered in three different sizes, featuring a variety of artisan cheeses and cured meats. 

Our 2013 restaurant of the year is doing takeout that's actually somewhat healthy, but still gamewatch-appropriate. The special Super Bowl menu ($60) feeds four, and includes hummus, beet and yogurt salad, gluten-free crackers, and garlic chicken wings. 

Slab Sandwiches and Pie
John Sundstrom's Super Bowl Party Platter ($120) includes a trio of 2-foot sandwiches featuring salami, smoked brisket, and a vegetarian option. The sunchoke chips with truffle dip and salted chocolate chip cookies will help contain the snack attack. Double the order if feeling particularly ambitious.