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A Seattleite's Guide to Watching the Super Bowl: Home Edition

Beer, commercials...Dr. Dre?

By Seattle Met Staff February 9, 2022

Maybe next year we can do this thing again?

Our Seahawks may not have made it to the big game this year after a disappointing season, but the Super Bowl remains a spectacle worth watching. If not to root for (or against) any particular team, at least to take in the glorified commercials, gorge on takeout, and rate the halftime show. Consider this your guide to Sunday sportsball-watching at home (because omicron is still sus in our books).

But first...the basics.

Who's Playing

The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals both came back in the waning minutes of their respective conference championships to make it to the Super Bowl, but Cincinnati arrives as the definite underdogs. Although the Super Bowl location is chosen before the season starts as an attempt at neutrality (kinda like the Olympics or World Cup), the yard lines aligned this time for the Rams—they'll have home field advantage at SoFi Stadium.

Who's Performing

The slow evolution of the Super Bowl halftime show from pop and rock acts to hip-hop stars is complete, most notably since Jay-Z and his entertainment company Roc Nation took over as producers in 2020. The lineup this year includes legends of the genre: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. Maybe next year we can petition to get AJ Suede on stage.

What to Wear

If you have an actual allegiance to either team playing in the game, don a jersey or branded tee. If you don't, football attire of any kind will do. May we suggest some fine Seahawks gear—or at the very least an outfit from Russell Wilson and Ciara's newest clothing store at U Village.

What to Drink

If we've learned anything from commercials of years past, Budweiser will attempt to pull at your heartstrings with some combo of Clydesdales and dogs. Do not fall for that trick. You're not a Seattleite if you don't already know we've got some killer beverage makers in town. To get you started, here are comprehensive lists of the best new Washington wines, Washington's best breweries (they literally won awards), and our favorite local hard seltzers, personally taste-tested by our staff. 

What to Eat

A Super Bowl watch party isn't complete without someone who's willing to put together a satisfying spread—or order takeout. We suggest both. Go big with fried chicken, tacos, and saag paneer, packaged to go. There's also pizza, of course. Then whip up a few easy sides with all those beans you hoarded two years ago and, hey, some vegetables.

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