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Serious Pie's Capitol Hill Location Opens Today

Yukon gold potato pizza...with a side of fancy coffee.

By Allecia Vermillion December 5, 2014

Hey, little buddy. Got any pizzas back there? Highly official photo via Tom Douglas Restaurants.

In all the hoopla (and oh, was there hoopla) over the new breed of Starbucks store that opened this morning, let's not overlook the fact that a new Serious Pie location also debuts today in this ever-so-stylish complex at Pike and Melrose.

There are just about 90 seats, separated from the main Starbucks cafe area by a wood divider designed, someone at Starbucks told me, to represent people waiting in line for coffee. But the wood-burning pizza oven is the biggest one yet. That's because the Tom Douglas peeps also handle catering for the Reserve facility, so it had to be big enough to fit the occasional whole pig. The kitchen here also readies the chocolate croissants, pretzel bagel breakfast sandwiches and cookies that arrive every morning from Dahlia Bakery and populate the pastry case over at the Reserve counter.

The menu at Serious Pie Pike (aka SPike) is the same as its siblings at Virginia and Westlake. There's a full bar here that's heavy on the amaro, plus cocktails. You can order coffee drinks from the Reserve cafe in here...or take your glass of wine out of the restaurant and into the main room if you'd rather enjoy it in the company of a fireplace or some midcentury modern seating. I've heard that if you take your pizza out there, nobody will stop you, but let's not be tacky.

SPike is open 11 to 11 (no reservations) and seems like a solid pre-theater destination should you be going to the Paramount. It's been a busy few weeks for T-Doug, between opening is new cantina, debuting some in-flight meals on Alaska Airlines, and readying this place.

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