Just your typical burger joint.

When Stephanie Kang purchased the excellent Katsu Burger, she did more than save it from extinction: She promised new locations. Now Kang has opened a second Katsu Burger in Factoria, in the site of her former restaurant Kimchi Amigos.

An employee at the new Katsu Burger said it has been quietly open for about two weeks now. The menu is the same as the Georgetown location—beef patties, pork cutlets, or chicken breasts, breaded and fried katsu style and topped with various sauces, plus typical burger fixings plus a pile of cabbage for crunch. Here's our deconstruction of Katsu Burger's Mt. Fuji.

While Katsu does a gonzo Japanese take on the classic American burger, Kang's previous establishment specialized in a different sort of fusion—kimchi burritos. She told the Bellevue Reporter that a few of these recipes might possibly be incorporated into Katsu's menu.

Regardless, the world now has more nori fries, more black sesame shakes, and more panko-coated fried meat topped with tonkatsu sauce, wasabi mayo, and bacon. Find this madness at 12700 SE 38th Street in Bellevue.