The bearer of bad news.

It's so. Both of the mega popular Paseo sandwich locations have closed unexpectedly. A staff member at the Fremont location didn't have much insight this morning, except that everyone who showed up for the day's shift was caught by surprise, hence spent what would have been a busy lunch rush sitting inside and drinking beers. Customers who showed up expecting to order a Caribbean Roast found themselves transformed into hangry citizen journalists, tweeting photos of the announcement sign far and wide.

The employee said the Ballard location has closed its doors, too. 

This isn't the first unexpected closure to hit Fremont Ave this year. Between Paseo and the loss of Dot's back in June, this once-mighty sandwich thoroughfare has taken a major hit. 

Perhaps this list of our 25, er, now 24 best sandwiches in Seattle can provide some cold comfort.

UPDATE: Back in September, some former employees filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court, alleging that the owners of Paseo withheld wages, didn't provide legally mandated break times, and treated certain employees differently due to their race:

"Plaintiffs were treated differently than non-Hispanic and non-Mexican employees in terms of conditions of employment. On at least one occasion, a manager told them that he was "told that he supposed to be hard on you guys" referring to Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs were also discouraged from and/or denied the opportunity to seek treatment when injured at work."

Here is the response from Paseo's ownership, stating that the employees "participated in a tip sharing arrangement that was discussed with employees as they were hired" and that the plaintiffs were terminated for "unsatisfactory job performance, abusive language, and threatening other employees."

We're working on getting in touch with them for a comment and will update when/if we hear back. 



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