Ian Cargill. Yep, this seems about right. Photo via Facebook.

You know that feeling when two friends whom you separately adore sheepishly tell you they got drunk, hooked up one night, and now they’re dating? 

That’s how I feel about Ian Cargill working at Zig Zag Café. Awww...you crazy kids.

Ben Perri’s recent departure left a rare opening at the eminent Hillclimb cocktail bar and I’m thrilled to see it filled by a man who is witty, talented, and not afraid to let the world know how much he loves his cat (her name is Amaro Nonino, obviously). Cargill was most recently running the bar at Retaurant Roux, but he’s also tended to Canon, Vessel, Vito’s, and Tavern Law. 

Actually there are two new faces behind the bar at Zig Zag. Kevin Obis is coming aboard to be what his new coworker Erik Hakkinen describes as “our well beast.” Zig Zag owner Ben Dougherty says he likes that Obis is relatively new to bartending (though he's worked around town at places like Roux and Local 360). Says Dougherty, “This guy’s got a tremendous personality; we see a lot of potential in him." 

Zig Zag doesn't exactly post its bartender openings on Craigslist. Dougherty says hires come down to personality and hospitality: "The haughty arrogant bartender that judges the customers' decision is something that wouldn’t work for me." 

Cargill and Obis join Hakkinen, Ricardo Hoffman, and Erin Lyman, who will still work one night a week even though she's going back to school. Maybe it's time for a new round of heartthrobby pinup photos?



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