The brown rice congee. Now available for dinner. Photo via Juicebox's Facebook page.

Twice now I’ve made the mistake of absentmindedly showing up at Juicebox for a bottle of something kale-related, only to realize it’s 4:30 and the 12th Avenue juice bar and cafe closed a half hour ago. 

No more. On November 5, Juicebox debuts later hours and—even more exciting—dinner service. It’s long been in the works, says owner Kari Brunson, but the combination of customer demand plus the demographic shifts that go along with the endless construction projects and the upcoming 12th Avenue Arts development made this a logical time to roll into the evening hours. 

The healthy-not-crunchy cafe opened last fall, combining two of the neighborhood's favorite, but seemingly opposing pursuits: personal maintenance and going out to eat. And it helps that the food is great. Now from Wednesday through Saturday, Juicebox will be open from 8am to 9pm (Monday and Tuesday will still be 8-4, at least for now). 

Yes, there will still be juice, but just the bottled offerings. Take one home to stave off tomorrow's hangover, maybe? Once the juicer is silenced in late afternoon, the menu shifts over to slightly heartier fare. Brunson’s business partner Brandin Myett is running the dinner menu (chef Geneva Melby handles the daytime). Expect it to change frequently, but here are next week's offerings. Most importantly—there's wine. Biodynamic wine,

Just don't expect things to get formal or fancy come nightfall. Customers will still order dinner at the counter, says Brunson, and you're just as likely to see tables filled with laptop jockeys as larger parties availing themselves liberally of the wine. The cafe is set up for takeout orders, too.

Also exciting: Juicebox has a new, brunchier weekend menu that's heavy on the juice mimosas.


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