Each week between now and Labor Day, we present a new or unsung patio for your alfresco imbibing needs.

Just the spot for fries and rosé.

It's easy to walk by and miss the patio at Ethan Stowell's new Madrona bistro entirely. It's set back—way back—from the restaurant's entrance, at the foot of a gravel parking strip and nestled against a brick red wall. A perimeter of terra cotta pots filled with vines and geraniums gives it a garden feel.

Secluded though it may be, on sunny days this space still fills up approximately three minutes after the restaurant opens for service. Red Cow's entire menu is available out here, as is happy hour. The space itself is rudimentary, you're basically vying for one of a few picnic tables lined up on the flagstones. But with so many patios crowded, by necessity, adjacent to sidewalks, this is a particularly peaceful place to settle in for fries, charcuterie, or that hulking burger.


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