This is your moment to visit Humble Pie on Rainier Avenue—not just because the overwhelming majority of its seating is outside, but because your summer houseguests are clamoring for the quintessential local restaurant. Not even the Space Needle delivers a stiffer shot of Seattle than this (mostly) organic pizza joint. The place is hand built of recycled materials (even the stools) by its LEED-certified architect owner. It smokes its own GMO-free pulled pork, supports tiny Seattle breweries, imports fewer than five ingredients from out of state, processes its own rainwater, and fundraises for local artists. And did I mention the chicken coop?

Go ahead, snicker—but dismiss the Seattle joint that outearnests Portland at your peril. Architect-pizzamaker Brian Solazzi crafts a killer wood-fired crust, thin but with plenty of spring in the chew, upon which he assembles combinations like organic Fuji apples, Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and bacon or smoked eggplant with cherry tomatoes and red onions. His aptly named Whole Hog has prosciutto, pulled pork, and bacon. When pies err it’s on the side of blandness—some thin perhaps on toppings—but the vivid arugula–pickled onion–-kalamata-chevre salad with the leggy vinaigrette will help. So will the undersize prices.

And so will the beverages: a thoughtful list of boutique brews, wine, Mexican coke, and ciders. Best of all is the breezy community of the place, where neighbors roll up on bikes to share pies, growlers, picnic tables, and visits with the chickens. Outside its environs at the confluence of the International District, the Central District, and Rainier Valley—Humble Pie’s the best-kept secret in town. 

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