The former Marché space is pretty darn charming. Photo from the Nosh Pit archives, via the now-defunct Marché Facebook page.

The latest meeting agenda for the Pike Place Market Historical Commission contained a particularly interesting item: Ethan and Angela Stowell were on the docket seeking approval for the space that was formerly home to Daisley Gordon's Marché (and before that, Campagne). According to the agenda, the Stowells are seeking "change of use for a restaurant specializing in Northwest cuisine."

Not surprisingly, Ethan Stowell declined to comment, though he did issue a reminder that speculation can hinder a restaurateur's efforts to negotiate a lease or earn approval from a preservation group. Basically nothing is guaranteed at this point.

Anyone who wants to run a business within the market must get the commission's approval. There's a lengthy document that covers its criteria, but basically businesses must feature local ingredients or products, be operated by a local owner (aka no franchisees), and can't step on the toes of any other existing market occupants. 

The 50ish-seat restaurant space, technically owned by Inn at the Market, seems a little too big (and the rent way too pricey) to be the landing place for Stowell's fine dining concept Noyer, since it's no longer headed to Madrona. But Stowell is a guy who can handle volume and seems like a logical ambassador of Seattle dining for marketgoers. Stowell says he's happy to talk once the application gets approved or rejected; we might know more by the end of the month. Chef Heong Soon Park, who runs neighboring Chan and Bacco Cafe, has rented out Marché's kitchen for a few months so his staff can develop the menu for his upcoming Tray Kitchen in Ballard while that space is under construction.




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