Chef Brandon Kirksey, in his Flour and Water days. He'll still make the noodles by hand at Girin.

Korea may be currently getting its ass kicked by Belgium in the World Cup—we assume, we're totally not watching soccer matches at work—but Korean cuisine is staking a claim in Pioneer Square. Girin comes from Steven Han and Co., the group behind Momiji, Kushibar, and Umi Sake House. The steak house will open early to mid-2015 at South King Street and Second Avenue.

The name comes from a mythical creature said to herald "the arrival of good luck, prosperity, and serenity," and the space will have a window into the meat locker. (Because nothing says serenity like dead animal carcasses.) Girin's interior, including an indoor garden, is designed by the same architect that created Momiji, so it's likely to mix sleek and traditional elements and basically look really cool. 

The menu itself will include a whole lotta meat from that display locker, including all kinds of hand-butchered cuts and local shellfish. Helming the kitchen is Brandon Kirksey, onetime chef at Tavolàta and currently at San Francisco's James Beard–nominated Flour and Water. Evidently bored by the flavor limitations inherent in a flour-and-water eatery, he'll now tackle bibimbap, ssam, and panchan.


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