Illuminated and ready to go. Photo via Western Neon's Instagram.

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar opens tomorrow (April 23) on the ground floor of the new Expo Apartments building at Republican and Warren. The space is a little larger than its counterpart in Melrose Market, and while there won't be any bubbling tanks of retail-ready geoducks and Virginicas, there will be 50 seats, communal and standing tables, and a menu showcasing clams, mussels, and oysters that were in the water not 24 hours earlier.

Here's why we can't wait to order a plate of oysters and some geoduck chowder at Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar.

Way more shellfish. Oysters on the half shell will still abound, but you'll also find steamed clams and mussels, baked oysters, geoduck sashimi, whole Dungeness crab, seaweed or calamari salads, and chowders. Taylor will also be open for lunch—here's a sample menu.

Also: liquor. The selection of beer and wine (by glass and bottle) is oyster-friendly, but Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar will also have a full and proper bar with a cocktail list, plus a few ciders. 

A nontouristy way to impress visitors. Out-of-towners usually want local seafood. Here it is, served up under the shadow of the Space Needle with fewer crazy throngs of people than Pike Place Market. The location is also stellar for anyone heading to (or departing from) Key Arena, McCaw Hall, or anything pertaining to Seattle Center.

A serious patio. Permits are still in the works, but the outdoor space will hold another 35 people. The Space Needle view bears repeating.

There's another on the way. Taylor is also busy readying an oyster bar in Pioneer Square, one that will hopefully be open by July. And the company is scouting for a few more locations.

Taylor Queen Anne opens at 4pm on April 23. Regular hours will be 11am to 10 or 11pm, depending on the customer flow.


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