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This Beer Is the Result of a Super Bowl Bet

Elysian Brewing traveled to Colorado to brew its Elysian of Boom IPA. It's not too late for one more victory toast.

By Allecia Vermillion February 21, 2014

Elysian plants its flag, and its IPA, at Boulder's West Flanders Brewing Co. Photo via Elysian's Facebook page.

We haven't heard whether Denver mayor Michael Hancock ever sent Ed Murray that steak. But Elysian Brewing has been busy planning its own Super Bowl victory lap in Colorado.

Before the Seahawks' trouncing of the Broncos earlier this month, The brewery made a wager with Boulder, Colorado–based West Flanders Brewing. The losing team's brewery had to pay for the winners to fly in and brew a beer on the losers' equipment. The victorious football team's flag must fly overhead for two weeks, or until local citizens have consumed all of the beer—whichever comes first.

Elysian brewer Kevin Watson spent the week in Colorado, brewing an IPA for the good people of Boulder known as the Elysian of Boom. And on Thursday, March 6, you'll find Elysian cofounder David Buhler in Colorado, raising the 12th Man flag at the West Flanders Brewing taproom as the beer debuts.

That's great for expatriate Coloradoan Seahawks fans and all. But for us locals, the Elysian of Boom will also be pouring at all three brewpub locations starting March 3. The Elysian folks say there should be enough to last a few weeks. Elysian of Boom has distinct topnotes of winning with aromatics of bone-jarring hits and a nice beasty finish.



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