Ethan Stowell Goes Fancy
A new restaurant by Ethan Stowell? This time he’s going French, opening a brasserie called Red Cow at 1423 34th Avenue on Madrona’s main drag…and secreting a tiny, four-table restaurant behind it. Stowell says this minuscule spot, Noyer, will be unabashedly fine dining that rekindles the flame of the Union days.


Nuflours Does Gluten Free

The  building at 518 15th Avenue East has held a bakery for nearly eight decades. But its new chapter, Nuflours, is a gluten-free baking outfit with a devout following at area farmers markets. Along with it comes a lineup of cookies, dense cakes, and artful pastries for people who otherwise can’t take part in the neighborhood’s bakery boom.


Como Se Dice “Drunk Nachos”?

For their next bar, Montana partners Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz trade Big Sky decor and ginger beer cocktails for giant nacho platters, tequila drinks, and cheap Mexican beer. The unifying theme between their original Olive Way dive bar and Nacho Borracho at 209 Broadway East: Stuff you want to put in your face late, late at night.


Tale of the Litigious Pastry

Once upon a time in New York, there was a cronut—a decadent (and trademarked) coupling of croissant and doughnut. Then there was Ba Bar’s version, the croughnut. Then there was a departing pastry chef,
a hiatus of the popular sweet, and a cease and desist letter from the New York bakery. Now Ba Bar has relaunched its version with a new name: the Double Happiness Cake. The end. We hope.


Scott Carsberg Goes to Fran’s

The acerbic genius who won a James Beard Award at Lampreia and continued wowing at Bisato is jumping from carefully wrought Venetian small plates to carefully wrought caramels. He’s the new chef de cuisine at Fran’s Chocolates, which promises some sensory-bending flavor combinations. 

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