Look for a tequila-based version of this lineup up on Broadway come January. Photo via Montana's Facebook page.

Two years ago, Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz transformed the former Buck on Olive into Montana, an unabashedly divey bar that pours cocktails on tap (most of them made using Marshall’s eponymous Rachel’s Ginger Beer). 

An odd formula? Yes. Did it go like gangbusters? Absolutely. Now Marshall and Opatz are opening another bar just up the street on Broadway. Fans of cheap, late-night debauchery, meet Nacho Borracho

Come January (ish), the former Ooba Tooba space at 209 Broadway E will become a haunt for enormous platters of late-night nachos, seven-layer dip, Frito pie, and housemade queso. The ladies enlisted David Gurewitz to design the menu—he was sous chef at Lark back when Marshall and Opatz worked there, though these days he works at Little Uncle; local food nerds know him for his Big Trouble in Little Uncle popup.  

“We’re not chefs,” says Marshall. “If we’re going to do food, we’re going to do it well.” For the record, Gurewitz is consulting, not leaving his gig at Little Uncle. 

And, duh, there will be cocktails on tap. Mostly tequila. Plus some frozen creations. The examples Marshall mentioned sounded damn appealing: salted orange margaritas, avocado margaritas, Mexican mules (aka made with tequila), and el diablos. Cheap Mexican beer will also flow freely. 

While this might seem like an odd follow-up to Montana (or Marshall’s RGB Market down in Pike Place Market), she makes the very valid point that nachos and cheap beer hits a certain late-night sweet spot. Especially for industry people getting off work…aka most of Marshall and Opatz’s friends. And the cocktail component was a natural development. 

Nacho Borracho (odds are people will eventually just call it “the Nacho”) will be a friendly dark, warm, and cozy place, says Marshall, with big booths, a long bar, and about 70 seats. Ooh, and a photo booth. 

Look for the Nacho to open its doors in January…subject to change, of course.

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