Following in the sweet, sticky, slightly inebriated footsteps of Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in the thick of Ballard’s nightlife district comes a different sweets-and-cocktails specialist in the thick of Capitol Hill’s—this one all about pie. The story is as sweet as the product: Identical twin sisters Natalie Delucchi and Alyssa Lewis merged their respective specialties of mixology and pie baking into a sliver of a space so teensy it couldn’t possibly hold a full bar, baking operation, takeout window, and dining room—but does. What not to bring: a party of four (I mean it’s teensy), your children (it’s licensed as a bar), a liquor snob (they don’t call these creamy cocktails rimmed in streusel Pie-tinis for nothing), or a big-dinner appetite (savory pies are limited in number, blandly spiced, and diminutively portioned). Do bring a sweet tooth, for Lewis’s half-dozen-nightly varieties of dessert pie are fine creations built proudly on leaf lard crusts, which explains their extraordinary richness and flake. My favorite is the marionberry, but the Desserted Island with its combination of berries and tart apples remains a fan favorite from Lewis’s former business, Seattle Pie Company in Magnolia. Serving your cravings till 2am nightly. 

Published: September 2013

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