Even the salads have meat in them. Photo via Martino's Facebook page.

On Tuesday, September 10, at 11am, the former vegan shoe shop at 7410 Greenwood Ave N starts a new life as Martino's Smoked Meats and Eatery. And this new chapter is decidedly not vegan.

Three guys named Chris (Chrises Martino and Gerke co-own the Nickerson Street Saloon; Chris Navarra owns Germanic spots like Prost and Feierabend). The name should be a tipoff as to which Chris is guiding this deli and butcher shop–toned spot to reality. 

Smoked meat is definitely having a Seattle moment (Radiator, the Old Sage, etc.). Here smoked tri-tip, chicken, and even tomatoes appear mostly—and welcomely—in sandwich form. I could opine about the menu, but I'll let the photo above speak for itself.

Martino's will be open from 11 to 9 Tuesday through Sunday. For now, for sanity's sake, Martino is sticking to the menu above. But he's hoping to add some breakfast sandwiches on weekends this fall, and soon you'll see some more entree-style evening specials creeping onto the menu. This being Greenwood and all, there's a kid-friendly grilled cheese sandwich option, with optional housemade ham or bacon, an add-on Martino jokes can help "start them early on pork."

The diminutive 700-square-foot space is decked out in tilework, while an image of an old-timey butcher, blown up big enough to cover an entire wall, gazes benevolently over all. And while there are just 20 seats, Martino says he's pleased that the space doesn't feel like a takout joint: "You can have a beer or a glass of wine and watch Greenwood go by." 

Here's the Facebook and the website for all your sandwich-tracking needs.


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