It's coming. Photo via Andrew Knowlton/Instagram.

Maybe they’re taking a cue from the James Beards, maybe it’s just the allure of all the social media buzz, but Bon Appetit today announced the 50 finalists for its list of the year’s 10 best new restaurants, unfortuantely dubbed the Hot 10.

You will be shocked—nay, astounded—when you see the three Seattle contenders. Actually, no you probably won’t. Except maybe it’s notable that one isn’t technically new, and two are located in the same building. And share a bathroom.

Bar Sajor, Joule, and The Whale Wins are all on the long list for the magazine’s annual honors, which has recently become one of the biggies in the national food magazine world (GQ, on the other hand, totally shunned Seattle last month). While I agree with some Twitter sentiment that Mamnoon would be at home on this list, you’ll hear no arguments from me on having these three rep Seattle in the national spotlight.

The slide show of contenders raves about the “rustic, wood-fired dishes driven by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest” at Whale Wins, and treats Joule as an entirely new restaurant where “the focus is on beef, spun out with a sumac rub, anchovy miso, and other unexpected twists.” Down in Pioneer Square, BonApp sings the praises of the chilled Dungenness crab, but also Edouardo Jordan’s drinking vinegars. Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton traipses around the country eating for this, and the range for consideration is roughly June to June.

UPDATE: Joule and the Whale Wins share honors at no. 9 on the magazine's list of the 10 best new restaurants in America. Here's a fun fact...Andrew Knowlton's porn star name is Bo Circle.



The actual list gets announced August 14 (and is front and center in the magazine’s September issue).

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