Yeah, this is peanut butter and jelly.

And now, not a moment too soon for your back-to-school dining fantasies:  A slew of Seattle restaurants where we’ve encountered unique takes on that old-school favorite, peanut butter and jelly.

(As ever, call first to ensure availability. You know the drill: death, taxes, changing menus.)

At Tanakasan and its takeout adjunct Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee, a recent daily special coffee cake featured peanut butter flavored cake with a jammy topping. These are individually wrapped, like cupcakes—thus riffing on the PB and J cupcake fixation that has over the last few years taken this city by its shoulders and given it a good shake—Dahlia Bakery to Oddfellows Café and Bar to New York Cupcakes to Trophy Cupcakes to Cupcake Royale to…you get the idea.

Ballard’s slick Shelter Lounge offers PB and J jalapeno poppers. (Panko-breaded jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and peanut butter, with jelly for dipping.) Across town in Belltown’s Local 360, the star of the app menu is PB and J Bon Bons:  Battered and fried peanut butter balls served on a puddle of jelly with a shot glass of milk.

Lots of fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are happening, from the Big Jacks at Potbelly Sandwich Shop to the one on brioche (and your choice of bananas or marshmallow fluff, fries on the side) at Skillet Diner, to the deep-fried version at the Peanut Butter Goodness cart, to the grilled PB and J with bacon at Three Girls Bakery.

Finally: Enjoy a slice of peanut butter and marionberry jam pie at Capitol Hill’s adorable Pie Bar. Tuck into some PB and J profiteroles at Restaurant Zoe. Grab some PB and J ice cream at the soul- Full Tilt. Slurp a thick PBJ shake at 8 Oz. Burger.

And don’t say we didn’t tell you.


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