Insert "spark it up" joke here. Photo via Redhook and Hilliard's.

First there was a lot of talk about fancy pot brownies. Then marijuana-fed pork. Now Redhook and Hilliard’s have come together to announce a something so oddball that I felt compelled to send multiple confirmations that this wasn’t a way belated April Fool’s (or April 20th?) joke. 

Redhook, as you may know, began in Ballard in 1981, in the very same neighborhood currently experiencing quite the brewery boom. 

Sooo…the two breweries joined forces to create a collaboration beer that celebrates Washington’s new status as weed-legal state. It’s called Joint Effort (of course it is) and is brewed with hemp seeds, as well as lots of hops, specifically the Zeus, Cascade, and Summit varieties. The breweries say the hemp imparts a nutty, earthy flavor. And yes, the suggested pairing is munchies. The tagline: "A dubious collaboration between two buds."

Hemp beers have been around for a while, but what makes this one a bit more notable is the unapologetically bong-shaped tap handle. Which you might see dispensing Joint Effort on draft around town starting this week. Look for 22-ounce bottles this fall. Hilliard's partner Adam Merkl says the brewery might eventually release it in cans, too.

Try it at the official release party this Saturday, July 20, at Hilliard’s, starting at 4pm. The bong taps will be on sale for $42 apiece (You could convert it to a gearshift and pray you never get pulled over) and there’s talk of live music and pot pies to snack on as well.

And, do I really need to say this? This beer will not get you high; the beer was tested to confirm there's no THC. And at a sessionable 5.6 percent ABV, you can even throw back a few before legitimate drunkenness kicks in.



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