Restaurant Bea Closes Its Doors

The homey spot on Madrona's main drag served its final meal Friday night.

By Allecia Vermillion July 16, 2013

Here we go.

Restaurant Bea, a sweet little spot on Madrona’s main drag, closed its doors Friday night. Full journalistic disclosure: Reporting any restaurant closure is rotten, but this is a particular bummer because Madrona is my neighborhood and dammit, I want all the restaurants and businesses to thrive here. 

Owner Kate Perry declined to give specifics, saying only that she’s extremely sad to see her restaurant go, and wanted to thank her customers, some devoted regulars, and her staff. Here’s the farewell she posted on Bea’s website. 

Bea was originally a partnership between Perry and chef Tom Black; the two parted ways a few months after the restaurant opened in March 2012. The space at 1423 34th Ave has an impressive history, previously housing June and Cremant.




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