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Five Questions for the Bartender: Joshua Fejeran

A sports reporter turned bar manager comes clean about his relationship with margaritas.

By Rachel Breiwick July 16, 2013

Bar co-manager Joshua Fejeran behind the bar at Poquitos on Capitol Hill. Courtesy of Fejeran.

Bar co-manager Joshua Fejeran has been at Poquitos for two years, but his first job was as a sports reporter at the Peninsula Daily News—a place Fejeran, simply put, didn't want to be: "I was young and didn't like living in Port Angeles, so I moved to Seattle."

After stints at Melting Pot, Moshi Moshi, and Toulouse Petit he signed on with Poquitos, where he's flourished and kept drinks "simple and straightforward."

And those drinks change regularly at the Pike street cantina, where the staff is justifiably proud of the tequila list. (In the coming weeks expect ginger peach margaritas!)

Here, five questions with Joshua Fejeran:

What is the most underrated spirit?

Tequila and mezcal. There are so many delicious tequilas and mezcals out there nowadays, and there is such a range of flavor in those agave-based spirits that make it great for drinking on its own and in cocktails. The popularity of mezcal is really starting to grow lately too, which is great. 

What's is the best part of your job?

It's been very rewarding to work for owners, bosses, and a staff that just gets it. Our owners have all worked in this industry a long time, have had a lot of success in it, and are committed to hospitality and delivering amazing food and drinks.

What influences your drink creations most?

To be quite honest, drink creation has always been a struggle for me. I can never just envision a drink in my head and then go bust it out, so I tend to go through a lot of trial and error, but I like it that way. I like to keep things pretty simple and straightforward. I learned a lot from Erik Carlson (of Bastille and Stoneburner) when I worked with him at Moshi Moshi. I think the most important thing I learned from him was to keep cocktails simple, fresh, and seasonal. 

What is everyone ordering lately?

Margaritas, Margaritas, Margaritas. I know that's because I work at a Mexican restaurant, but I spend a ridiculous amount of my life making margaritas.

What is your drinking guilty pleasure?

By now this is probably a bartender cliché, but I still love Fernet. A good rosé in the summer is awesome too.

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