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Five Questions for the Bartender: Patric Gabre-Kidan

Two weeks after the opening of new Cap Hill seafood spot Anchovies and Olives, Ethan Stowell’s partner-in-pasta talks Seattle sunsets and Italian liqueurs, and redefines "bad night at the bar."

March 5, 2009

"I’m not really a bartender, I think you know that," says Patric Gabre-Kidan—Ethan Stowell’s co-owner in Union, Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, and new Cap Hill seafood restaurant Anchovies & Olives.

Not just a bartender, we’d say. Good-natured Gabre-Kidan modestly calls himself the "fourth best barback in Seattle” but as any Tavolata regular will tell you, he is a master at mixing drinks. Here, five questions for one of our city’s favorite front-of-the-house figures.

What is the most underrated spirit?

Can I throw all or most of Italian liqueurs in the ring? When we opened Tavolata we decided to run with an Italian-focused bar pouring different liqueurs like Strega, Aperol, Averna, Amaro Montenegro, Cynar, Campari, Tuaca, Fernet, and Ramazzotti. We quickly found that lots of people weren’t familiar with the Italian liqueurs (not that we’re experts on the subject).

What’s your favorite Seattle bar (other than your own)?

611 Supreme. Justin [Clark]. ’Nuf said.

What drink do you order at that bar?

A vodka gimlet. Slightly sweet and on the rocks (in case anyone wants to send me a drink).

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen someone do in a bar?

Two summers ago at Serafina, I watched the bartender, Miles, get shot. That was pretty f’ed up.
Don’t know that story? See here.

Name three reasons you live in Seattle.

I’ll give you four: Union, Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives.

But seriously.

1. Have you ever gone to Myrtle Edwards Park on one of those days where the sky is on fire and just stared west? It’s beautiful here.

2. It has that small town feel where you know everybody. It makes me feel connected.

3. Amy Pennington.

If you want to learn about Patric’s behind the bar style, check out this Seattle Met article from December.


if you want to know more about Amy Pennington, the victory garden vixen who keeps Patric loving his hometown, read this Seattle Met profile from our Best of the City issue.

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