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Restaurant Shifts and Shake Ups: Week of June 24

Two food trucks debut this week, Thierry Rautureau hints about his new project, and the U District loses a Greek restaurant.

By Shelly Le June 28, 2013

Narwhal's Smoked Trout Salad made an appearance at the Queen Anne Farmer's Market last week.


Renee Erickson’s oyster-themed food truck debuted at the Queen Anne Farmers Market last week. Narwhal will be serving up plates like fried oysters and smoked trout salad with lentils every other week at the market; you can also find it at Hilliard's this Sunday from 2 to 7.

Cactus Bellevue
The popular Southwestern- and Mexican-inspired restaurant opened its fifth location this week. The Bellevue Square location is the largest Cactus yet and will share the SLU's location's urban aesthetic and high-traffic setting. Cactus Bellevue is open seven days a week for brunch, lunch, dinner, and a daily happy hour. Take a look around.

Nosh the Food Truck
The brainchild (aka food truck) of former Oceanaire chef Josh Downey and Harvey Wolff, a veteran of several food truck buildouts, made its debut at The Hilliard’s taproom on Wednesday. Wolff says the aim is to serve an eclectic mix of dishes costing less than $10. Current menu items include fish and chips, braised beef and barley soup, and the truck’s signature item—fried rabbit.


Cal's American Kitchen
The swanky space deep in the heart of the Amazon has shut its doors after just 10 months, says Eater Seattle. The Kent Station location is reportedly still going strong. 

Continental Greek Restaurant
The 45 year-old, U-District Greek joint will be closing its doors on Sunday, June 30, according to Eater Seattle. Demetre Lagos, whose parents originally bought the restaurant in the 70s, says it’s time for the family to have some rest and relaxation.


Pecado Bueno West Seattle
The quick-service Mexican restaurant and bar is opening a second location at the Junction. James Schmidt, Pecado Bueno’s owner, tells West Seattle blog the restaurant and bar will be casual with an emphasis on organic ingredients, and will be open some time around August 1.

Loulay Kitchen (aka Thierry Rautureau's New Restaurant)
As the Chef in the Hat packs up the remains of his former restaurant, Rover's, he's also gearing up for another restaurant opening. Rautureau tweeted this week that he will be opening a new place sometime in the fall. More news to come.

Moti Mahal
As Chutney's closes on Capitol Hill, another Indian restaurant is soon to open. Moti Mahal’s owner, Manmeet Singh, tells CHS he’s planning for a July opening. An open kitchen, pickup counter, and packed-in tables will make the most of the tiny eatery located on the Broadway slope between Pike and Pine.

Lots of Wingstops
Seahawk Sidney Rice digs the wing chain so much that he's become an investor and plans to open five more locations around Seattle. 


Babylon by Bus pop up at La Bête
Taylor Cheney of the popular Arabesque pop-ups at MistralKitchen is starting a Middle-Eastern themed pop up at La Bête during regular dinner hours on Mondays. Babylon by Bus’ a la carte menu will be range of items from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Morocco.

Belle Clementine
My Ballard has news that the meal-by-subscription restaurant (patrons purchase a package of meals that they can use throughout the year and includes special pricings and perks), is now offering dinners to non-subscribers on certain dates. Guests who book dinner reservations on July 5, 11, 12, or 18 can purchase a four-course dinner for subscriber price ($33 per person) and receive a 15 percent discount on wine.


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