Here it is people. Image via BB Ranch Facebook page.

Yes, we realize that for the past few months we’ve done a lot of talking about pigs that are fed on pot. But we feel compelled to keep you in the know on the latest in high-hoggery. First there was a mailing list, and now you can bid in a silent auction to get some of BB Ranch's super hyped, super small-batch marijuana-fed pork.

The Pike Place Market butcher is holding the auction through June 20, and bidding starts at $150 for an entire little piggy. Well, if you think 55 pounds and 40 inches long is little. All proceeds benefit the nonprofit Ranch to Plate which supports local, sustainable farming practices.  

 The pig was raised by Bucking Boar Farm in Snohomish, where it was fed stems and leaves provided by Top Shelf Organic, a medical marijuana co-op. The BB Ranch Facebook page suggests the pig is, “perfect for a company picnic, barbecue, or luau.” Butcher William von Schneidau even offers to “marinate it with our special BB Ranch marinades and spices, and have it ready for your 4th of July.” That’s an icebreaker at a party, if there ever was one. Send bids to [email protected] and keep an eye on Facebook to find out whether the whole hog (literally) could be yours.

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