Juice (the Healthy Kind)

Squeeze: It's Like a CSA for People Who Juice

A new Seattle company delivers boxes of juicing-friendy produce right to your door.

By Allecia Vermillion May 2, 2013

Five days worth of juice. Photo via Squeeze.

Jonna Hood works in real estate, but last year she trained as a Vinyasa yoga teacher. That’s where she discovered juicing. Technically she discovered a host of new healthy living practices, but something about this particular habit piqued her business brain. 

Juicing is a wonderful thing (I admit, I’m completely part of the cult), but there are lots of logistical restraints: It’s hard to keep fresh produce in the house, and that shiz gets expensive, too. 

How handy, then, that Hood had a friend, Jamie Baird, who owns a farm and a CSA in Central Washington. The two partnered up, and their company, Squeeze, debuted in April. It’s essentially a competitively priced CSA for people who juice—a box of produce arrives at your door at the start of the week and every single item is meant for your juicer. 

A weekly box costs $40 if you sign on for 24 weeks (commit to just four weeks and it’s $50). Inside is enough produce to make a meal replacement–size juice five days a week. Sometimes Squeeze gets creative, sending along jicama or peppers, or even healthy flair like chia seeds, but always with an email explaining how to juice them. Customers with citrus allergies, or more hardcore tastes in juicing, can opt for a green-only box. 

Squeeze delivers from Northgate to Georgetown. Keep it in mind if you've been hitting up Trophy's new cupcake delivery service a little too often.

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