This particular approach is probably not sanctioned by the Northwest BBQ Association. Photo via Pete's Fremont Fire Pit.

 Peter Glick's phone call to the Northwest BBQ Association could not have come at a better time. The owner of Pete's Fremont Fire Pit (and Roxy's Diner and The BackDoor) was interested in doing a neighborhood barbecue event in Fremont to benefit the Solstice Parade. And the association guys hadn't done a sanctioned barbecue competition within Seattle city limits for a few years, and were raring for a chance to do so.

The result: the first annual Fremont BBQ Extravaganza, happening Sunday, June 2. Twelve amateur teams will be competing for prize money, general glory, and advancement in the regional barbecue competition circuit. Meanwhile, Pete's Fremont Fire Pit will be roasting up a whole hog and serving it up by for lunch and dinner. Chefs will do grilling demos and a tent will be dedicated to tasting various styles of barbecue sauce.

Funny thing about barbecue competitions, though. While the resulting meats are awfully enjoyable, the actual competition is based on smoking those meats for hour after hour after hour–it's not exactly an Iron Chef type of pace. Glick likens it to watching water boil. Hence he has devised an afternoon's worth of diversions, several of them carb-laden,  to go along with the barbecue. Like a mini pancake eating competition put on by Roxy's Diner. And a bagel ring toss with custom-made bagels from Seattle Bagel Bakery. And a costumed dog parade. Because, why not?

There will also be live bluegrass and rockabilly and beer and spirits tastings. Keep an eye on the Fremont BBQ Extravaganza website for more info. 

Fremont BBQ Extravaganza
June 2, 10am–11pm, Corner of 36th and Dayton. Admission is free


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