The Mariners' home opener is Monday night, April 8, versus Houston. But judging from the turnout at Monday's open house at Safeco, the annual rollout of new food and drink offerings inspires almost as much anticipation as the actual games. And this year it's big. Especially for drinkers. And vegans. And carnivores. Okay, that's a broad swath of the population.

The former Flying Turtle Cantina—aka the bar beyond left field whose porthole-style windows were one of the stadium's most underheralded vantage points—is now Edgar's Cantina, in honor of Edgar Martinez. In place of those little windows: a new patio that overlooks the field and promises to be crazy on game days. I hear tell that Martinez actually plans to hang out at his namesake watering hole on game days. 

Up above there's another lounge called Home Run Porch, and over in the 'Pen, Stowell added some of his fancy chicken tenders at his Hamburg + Frites stand and a Caesar salad pizzetti over at Apizza.  

Martinez also happens to be a partner in importing a line of mezcal, El Zacatecano. Rob Roy's Anu Apte used it to create four drinks for the cantina. I'm all about the paloma, but her margarita and michelada have been the biggest draws at the open house, she says. Apte is a huge fan of Campari, so she's partial to the .312, made with the bitter aperitif, as well as Zac's reposado, soda water and lime. And named for Martinez's batting average, of course.

Ethan Stowell designed the "Northwest Mex" menu for the cantina (brace yourself for lots of taco and torta photos above). For meatless Ms fans, Field Roast has a new chili cheese dog, and Philadelphia restaurant Vedge devised two steamed buns, one filled with portobella, cucumber salad, and Sriracha mayo, the other stuffed with eggplant glazed in Korean gochujang, as well as kimchi mayo. Even more vegan creations are available in the suites.

Check the slide show above for some photos.

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