Menu and hours for Resto

 In March, CHS blog announced the newest spot on the way to the corner of Thomas and Summit.  With the success of Analog Coffee, this block is rarely empty these days.  Thomas Street Bistro, however, always seemed to be eerily deserted.  I lived across the street for three years and stopped in once for a glass of wine.  I couldn’t bring myself to have dinner there; the menu was all over the map and you practically sat in your neighbor's lap.  My husband and I would look in the windows as we walked up the hill to Poppy or the Bait Shop, without fail I’d say to him, “How does that place survive?”  Then one day it was gone.

With the closing of the Thomas Street Bistro this past winter, comes new life from first-time restaurateurs and couple Johanna Robinson and Jang Cho with the opening of Resto: a Montreal-inspired bistro.  At first glance the remodel looks promising.  The space before felt dark and claustrophobic, now it’s been brightened up and the seating arrangement reconfigured with three booths for a more private dining feel.  According to a menu board that appeared on the sidewalk late last week, the food has a worldly feel with the intriguing-sounding "faux pho brisket noodle" dish offered at breakfast to a spaghetti and meatball dinner   The morning fare is available weekdays from 7-9:30 and dinner from 5:30-10.   The patio will be prime space when summer finally hits. The menu board proclaimed a Monday open, though with no working phone number, we can offer no guarantees. 

Also new to the Hill via CHS blog, Chico Madrid a Spanish sandwich shop opened last week in the storefront of the new Belroy Apartments.  Open daily from 7am-10pm, until midnight on weekends, the shop offers traditional bocadillos and bikini sandwiches.   Also, I’ve heard rumor of a sangria machine?  Must confirm that one, ASAP.  

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