The cast of Black Watch, courtesy Seattle Theatre Group.

Despite the missing "von" and "berg" around "Dannen," I'm actually more Scottish than German. Which makes me an authority on scotch (and by "authority," I mean "consumer"). I'll be sipping the good stuff with a pinky raised on April 9, when Seattle Theatre Group teams up with Vessel to host a free scotch seminar and Scotttish dialect workshop, in honor of the arrival of the National Theatre of Scotland later in the month.

Starting April 25 at Paramount Theatre, the Glasgow-based company will mount its award-winning production of Black Watch (one of our top theater picks this spring), a war drama inspired by the true stories of the Scottish Army regiment in Iraq. Black Watch is one of the most celebrated infantries in the UK's history, present in everything from Normandy to the blitz on Iraq's second-largest city, Basra, in 2003. But the saying isn't "Glory lasts forever." It's "war's a bitch"—and we'll hear it straight from the soldiers' mouths. The emotionally supercharged story, adapted from interviews conducted by playwright Gregory Burke, transports the audience from the IED-laden deserts of Iraq to the pool halls of Fife, where postwar recovery comes with a heavy-handed pour.

Now, about that pour: The scotch tasting at Vessel includes a brief lesson on the different cask flavors, along with a tutorial on Scottish vocabulary and colloquialiams by dialect coach Terri Weagant. We never pass up culture with a smooth finish. RSVP asap.

Black Watch Scotch Tasting and Scottish Dialect Workshop
Apr 9 from 6–7, Vessel, free. Reservations required; email [email protected]

Black Watch
Apr 25–May 5, Paramount Theatre, $55 (discounted tickets for military available)

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