Angela Stowell is especially enamored with the new logo, made with scans of Nathaniel and Gabriel's actual footprints.

 Eat. Run. Hope. returns April 14, the encore of an event organized last year by Ethan and Angela Stowell in memory of sons Nathanael and Gabriel. The Stowells lost their unborn twins to a rare twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in 2011. 

That’s a very sad way to begin talking about an event that is actually very uplifting and festive. Eat. Run. Hope. is a 5K followed by a chef’s tent that just happens to be filled with local dining luminaries handing out some awfully good food, all to benefit the Fetal Health Foundation.

Awaiting the 5K crowd at the end of the route in Seward Park: Dot’s Delicatessen, Terra Plata, Il Corvo, Hitchcock, Poppy, Canlis, the Wandering Goose, Revel, and more. Tom Douglas restaurants was one of the new additions this year, along with a mimosa bar, a bloody mary bar, and some little carnival-style contests happening around the tent that could win you prizes like restaurant gift certificates. Signing up for both the race and chef’s tent is $95 (you can also sign up for the run or food tent only). Like last year, the first 400 participants get a free Mariners ticket. 

Also returning this year: the pre-5K bacon relay. But since organizer/instigator Maria Hines won’t be there, I look forward to seeing which chefs step up to let us all ogle them running with a slippery bacon baton in hand. That is not a euphemism. 

One notable new presence at Eat. Run. Hope. is the Stowell’s infant son, Adrian. Well, technically, he attended last year, though in utero and unannounced. After having Adrian, planning this year’s event had a different feel, says Angela. His arrival reinforced the importance of creating a lasting tribute to Nathanael and Gabriel, even as the family moves forward. 

Similarly, Angela was first drawn to the Fetal Health Foundation feeling a connection to families with twins: “But the more I’ve been involved with the organization, the more I appreciate what they do with singleton babies.” You can get more information and register for Eat. Run. Hope. right over here.

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