Pace yourself

Image: Ryan McVay

"Suddenly, most American cities find themselves with enough credible cocktail bars that you can lay out a real route," David Wondrich writes in the March issue of Esquire. But caution to the ambitious lad or lady intent on making an evening of it: "Serious cocktails have a way of sandbagging you like nothing else does."

It's true. It's easy to derail a night's plans with too much of the clear (or brown) stuff early on. Hence the handiness of Wondrich's 12-step guide to cocktail bar crawling. From the food to fuel up on to proper pacing, the man makes some valid suggestions for completing your intended course. (What happens after is another story.) Four or five bars should do it, he advises.

Wondrich ends the articles with suggested itineraries for various cities. Seattle isn't one of them but these neighborhood crawls should set you on the right path.

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