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Have a hand in the James Beard Awards, get your hands on one elusive beer, and a handy guide to Malts and Milkshakes.

By Danielle Zorn December 19, 2012

Pliny the Elder beer is a hot comomodity...get it while it's...cold.


Malts and Milkshakes is the name of the cookbook Autumn Martin, owner of Hot Cakes, will release in April 2013. Expect 60 recipes covering classic soda fountain flavors, ice cream sandwiches, and boozy milkshakes.

The crowds at Walrus and Carpenter can make for some gnarly waits, but the Renee Erickson restaurant is taking to Twitter in hopes of that changing.


Joining the ranks of doomsday revelers is Linda’s Tavern. Whiskey, burgers, and DJ Jen Joyce will align for a party that starts at 9 on Friday, December 21. Whether or not the cosmos do is another story.


Russian River Brewery's elusive Pliny the Elder will be silently auctioned off Wednesday from 6 to 8 at Wine World. After the $7.99 bidding minimum, each succeeding dollar will go toward bartender Murray Stenson’s heart surgery fund through As one of the most sought-after beers in the world, the auction could raise quite the purse for dear Mr. Stenson.


A congrats is in order for Seattle Food Geek, aka Scott Heimendinger, who was included on Forbes’s 30 Under 30, a compliation of ambitious millennials “impatient to change the world.” Heimendinger is the director of applied research for Modernist Cuisine, the five-book culinary encyclopedia. "Ambitious" might be a bit of an understatement.

The James Beard Foundation is opening the ballots for its coveted annual awards. The Seattle Times says critics and a panel of experts will have the final say-so but hey, it never hurts to give your favorite chef or restaurateur a shout-out. Deadline is December 31.

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