Growing Pains

Meander's Kitchen's Jerry Maguire Moment

Gravy maven Miranda Krone gets candid on Facebook.

By Allecia Vermillion December 6, 2012

Miranda Krone is still getting used to her larger space. Photo via Meander's Facebook.

 Remember when Tom Cruise wrote that epiphany-induced mission statement in Jerry Maguire? The one that got him fired but ultimately set him on the path to enlightenment, professional success, and romantic shenanigans with Renee Zellweger? Miranda Krone of Meander’s Kitchen has penned a similarly inspiring memorandum on Facebook.

Krone, reflecting on her move from her belovedly divey California Ave digs, says the much larger space in White Center doesn’t quite feel like home. She writes…

I'll promise you some food I've put some intention into, and probably some rhinestones and rainbows and wierd things that special people have given me along the way. Like it or lump it, this isn't worth it if I don't love it. Running a restaurant isn't worth it if I don't get to hear your stories. This is only worth it if you're getting the message that I love you by the time you've finished your breakfast.

Specifically, she proposes to infuse more of her personality by cooking a menu of whatever she pleases on Saturdays, and supporting boobs in the form of her friends’ artwork and breastfeeding mothers. And she doesn’t feel bad about only accepting cash.

Krone told Gwendolyn Elliott at Seattle Weekly's Voracious blog that, ironically, seeking a larger space to better feed the crowds that flocked to her tiny counter on California Ave has created a “lack of intimacy” that troubles her.

This self-described “queer punk poet raised by midwestern farmers, white trash, and people who read a lot of books” posted her missive Tuesday night, and it already has nearly 600 likes and more than 110 supportive comments. Go give it a read if you want to feel energized, inspired, and kind of hungry. Unlike Jerry, she’s not likely to get fired for it; after all, she owns the joint.

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