A Poco Carretto sampler: malt gelato, wild huckleberry sorbetto, and peach sorbetto. Photo by Nick Feldman.

Farmers market regulars will recall Heidi Gates and Holly Smith, chef and unshakable owner of Cafe Juanita, once made the rounds with a mobile cart called Poco Carretto. The roving enterprise found them producing 40 flavors of gelati and sorbetto. 

Recently Poco had't made much of presence for itself; some figured it was done. To the contrary. Apparently Smith has been serving the icy concoctions at her Kirkland restaurant, where pints are also available to go. 

The roster of flavors are just as whimsical as they were back in the day. There's the seasonal—candy cane and egg nog gelato, prosecco cranberry sorbetto—plus burnt sugar, Sicilian pistachio, gianduja, and pineut brittle, to name a few. A pint goes for $11; several dollars more gets you a half liter in a glass jar. While Gates and Smith don't have plans to hit farmers markets again, the cart will be available in the New Year for private events. They'll continue to carry batches at Cafe Juanita, too.

Four kinds of gelati and two sorbetto are available on any given day; special flavor requests are taken 48 hours in advance. Pickup times are Tuesday through Sunday noon–8.

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