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Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious Joins On with ChefSteps

The software engineer turned vegetarian cookbook author brings his dual talents to Seattle's revolutionary new cooking school.

By Allecia Vermillion December 4, 2012

Michael Natkin is joining up with these guys.

Herbivoracious blogger Michael Natkin, he of the elegant vegetarian recipes, left his job at Adobe in March to promote his cookbook. He scouted potential restaurant locations around Seattle, but instead landed in the belly of Pike Place Market. The coder turned blogger turned author has signed on with the guys at ChefSteps—Modernist Cuisine alums Chris Young, Ryan Matthew Smith, and Grant Crilly—who are creating an online cooking school to share these techniques with the world

Natkin reports that he’s working as a software lead, using his coding brain to make sure the chefs' carefully conceived videos, quizzes, and other educational components look good on the screen. Here's a more detailed rundown from Natkin of what he will be doing. While his job isn't technically culinary, the 24-hour access to ChefSteps' gonzo research kitchen (and fancy espresso machine) surely comes in handy.

The ChefSteps crew, by the way, has a very cool event happening Monday, December 17 at Town Hall. Young and Crilly will demo and discuss some of their better-cooking-through-science techniques. Five bucks from each $10 ticket goes straight to the Pike Place Market Foundation. 

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