Bait Shop, located at 606 Broadway East, is in the space that Bako briefly called home.

The northern end of Broadway has seen its fair share of activity in recent years, but—excellent cocktails at Poppy aside—has not offered much in the way of drinking. That all changes with the opening of Bait Shop.

Here bargoers looking to hang their hat will find a cocktail menu that leans tiki and food that leans fried. As Bait Shop is a Linda Derschang establishment, a premium has been placed on atmosphere; decorations were painstakingly sourced to complement the nautical theme (check out that honkin' marlin in slide number two). As Bait Shop is a Linda Derschang establishment, one might expect those decorations to include taxidermy, but nary a furry creature is to be found at 606 Broadway East. Check out what does await you in the slide show.

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