Cherry Street plants another one in Pioneer Square. Photo courtesy Ali Ghambari.

All signs point to 2013 as being a banner year for Pioneer Square, at least on the food front.

Mike Easton will reopen Il Corvo at 217 James Street on January 7. A Melrose Market triumvirate of Matthew Dillon, Katherine Anderson, and Russell Flint are planning several eateries on or around Occidental Avenue South and South Jackson Street: Dillon has Bar Sajor, and with Anderson he'll double down with London Plane and Idigene. Flint, of Rain Shadow Meats, is opening another butchery. 

A few blocks away Ali Ghambari is planting an eighth Cherry Street Coffee House on the ground floor of the Florentine building. The cafe at 528 First Avenue South is the latest in a steady run of new locations, and Ghambari's second in the neighborhood.

Ghambari says he purchased the space about a year ago but has been so busy he's just now getting around to it. As the space is smaller than his others, Ghambari says the menu will "be tailored down a little bit." He expects to open in April.

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