Don't want to deal with cooking a bird? Pinky's Kitchen's brined and applewood-smoked turkeys free up yours of your time, plus give you all kinds of food cred. Image via Pinky's Facebook page.

Okay, so the pie is taken care of. Still in need of the oven-roasted centerpiece of next week's Thanksgiving dinner? Any local grocery store should have a hefty supply of frozen turkeys, but some butcher and specialty shops are already sold out (especially if you want a heritage turkey). Here are a few places where someone's likely to give you the bird.

BB Ranch
Down in Pike Place Market, owner William von Schneidau is still taking orders for organic, pasture-raised turkeys—that us, until the cutoff date on Thursday, November 15. He even has a few heritage turkeys left and some seven-pound chickens he says are perfect for two people. Email [email protected] or call 425-299-8486 to order.

Bob’s Quality Meats
This classic butcher shop in Columbia City is still taking orders for locally grown turkeys, smoked turkeys, turkey breast, geese, duck, and hams of the honey-glazed and double smoked variety. And we would be remiss if we did not mention the legendary turducken—a chicken…inside a duck…inside a turkey. This year Bob’s ordered its turduckens from Louisiana, so they come with a cornbread stuffing in the middle and seasoned with Cajun spices. A call to 206-725-1221 and $130 can make you the proud owner of one of these legendary creations.

Pinky’s Kitchen
Newly ensconced in its permanent site in Wallingford, this barbecue outfit has room in its new smoker for 25 20-pound turkeys, which will spend many an hour cooking low and slow over applewood before being picked up Thanksgiving day, still warm from the smoker. Turkeys are $85; if you’re scared to commit, swing by for a preview in the form of the barbecue turkey sandwich lunch special that’s running this month. Call 206-257-5483 to reserve a Thanksgiving bird (there’s talk of smoked ham, too). 

Rain Shadow Meats
Hipster dreamboat/badass butcher Russ Flint reports that turkey orders are pouring in, but the Melrose Market meat shop still has some birds left. Mad Hatcher Farms in Euphrata raised 300 hens especially for Rain Shadow; they’re 12 to 18 pounds apiece and about 100 are still up for grabs. If you need a larger bird and don't mind acting fast, you might still grab one of the free-range, air-chilled turkeys from Oregon’s Nicky Farms, weighing in at 18 to 26 pounds. Both birds are $5 a pound, and the meat has never known the inside of a freezer. Oh, is that not enough meat? Flint and crew are double smoking honey-cured Duroc hams. Call 206-467-6328 to grab one. 

The Swinery
No surprise—turkeys are going fast at West Seattle’s temple of carnivory. The butcher shop offers free-range and air-chilled turkeys from Nicky Farms, as well as birds from Mad Hatcher. You can also order a ham (Nueske or Tails and Trotters), fancy Iberico pork, racks of lamb, and any other proteins you desire...206-932-4211.

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