Where do you celebrate the holidays?

 One of the finest things about restaurants is the way they become the indispensable backdrops to our favorite memories—particularly when we relive those memories year after year.

As a little kid I dined with my family every year at the Frederick and Nelson Tea Room, may it rest in peace, after hitting up Santa in the glass windoow at the corner of Sixth and Pine. As a 20-something it was always the festive red Dahlia Lounge before whatever holiday show seized me that year. Later, it was all about Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. James Cathedral—preceded by a sticky-sensational crabfest at Sea Garden in the ID.  

Just last year a new tradition may or may not have been born, as by pure happenstance we found ourselves chowing bacon burgers and fries at L’il Woody’s the night a thousand irreverent Santas stumbled by, in various states of…merriment. Memorable, really.  And, we think, worth repeating. (This year Santarchy happens December 15th.)  

What are the Seattle-area restaurant stagesets for your holiday memories? Is it New Years Eve at Vito’s for lasagna and Manhattans? High tea at the Georgian with Grandmama while shopping? Send a description to me at [email protected] by December 7, and I’ll enlighten the world.

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