Crisp Creperie works some mousse magic.

Image: Young Lee

Up to now the smoked chocolate bacon mousse from Crisp Creperie has only appeared during special events and parties—a shame, really, because the dessert has potential.

"It's got sweet. It's got salty. You name it, this shit's got it," says Crisp co-owner Jonathan Amato. To which Evan Mayer, apparently quite the wordsmith, follows up with: "It's like an angel kissing your tongue."

Fortunately the dessert's limited run will soon change. Mayer and Amato plan to make the mousse a staple item during their late-night stints on Ballard Ave, which they expect to commence in several weeks.

Rather than just crunch up bits of bacon, Mayer and Amato make their own bacon brittle. Peanut butter, bananas, and roasted nuts are mixed in. For the mousse, Mayer and Amato source alderwood-smoked chocolate from Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes.

The crepe costs $9 and with its hefty portions ("monstrosity" is a descriptor they throw out) should sate the most famished bargoer. But should you find yourself in need of more pork, Mayer and Amato also made mention of a maple bacon shake.