Presidential hopefuls face off for the first time Wednesday. The occasion calls for a drink.

It's fitting to watch a presidential debate at a bar. The history of the watering hole is steeped in government, after all. Plus, engaging in some rousing political discourse is always more enjoyable with drink in hand. To that end, here are local bars screening the first Obama-Romney showdown, happening October 3 at 6pm.

Bottleneck Lounge
Owner Erin Nestor and fellow Obama diehards ("Be prepared for a one-sided display of support for our current POTUS") will congregate at 4, with drink discounts going till the debate gets under way. Expect a crowd, but Nestor is bringing in an additional TV to accommodate.   

Cafe Presse
The debate will run for an hour and a half—plenty of time for you to order the roast chicken. No reservations needed.

Moe Bar
The sibiling to Neumos pairs up with Washington Bus to host the That's Debatable series throughout the month. We're getting ahead of ourselves here, but worth noting is the sure-to-be-awesome Jon Stewart-Bill O’Reilly showdown on October 6.

Town Hall
The Hall is busting out the big screen, bringing in Dante's Inferno Dogs, and serving beer, wine, soda, and snacks. Get there before 6:30 and admission is free (and happy hour is happening); after it's $5. Doors open at 5:30; reservations recommended.

The Neighbor Lady
Owners promise more big screen action (note "big screen" is used loosely here).

The Noble Fir
If you're lucky, there will be leftovers from Saturday's Fresh Hop Throwdown.

Osteria la Spiga
Cupcake Royale's Jody Hall and owners Sabrina Tinsley and Pietro Borghesi are part of the committee hosting an Obama fundraiser at the Capitol Hill osteria. The $50 RSVP gets you food, drink, and chances are one of these for dessert. Author and blogger David Domke will lead a post-debate discussion.

Roanoke Park Place Tavern
A fortuitous coincidence: Wednesday night means $1 cans of beer and homemade tacos.

Tini Bigs
A lounge serving oversized martinis may not be the most obvious destination, but Bigs has a history of airing the debates and this year is no exception.

Anywhere else? Holler in the comments. And check out PubliCola at SeattleMet for more options.

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