Thai Curry Simple has a new Saturday lunch special—tom yum soup, spicy chicken, fish salad, and rice in a "pinto" takeout container—but it's only available via brick and mortar. Photo courtesy Mark Pinkaow.

About a month ago CHS posted a message from Mark Pinkaow, owner of Thai Curry Simple, saying he was scouting locations in the neighborhood for a forthcoming food truck—perhaps some of the more awesome news we have heard of late.

Unfortunately, Pinkaow has scrapped those plans. "I am unable to maneuver two storefronts and a food truck at the same time," Pinkaow says, adding he's encountered many obstacles—securing parking spots both day and night, locating a nearby bathroom—in his months of research.

"There was time that I believed a food truck was the best way to introduce a Thai street menu, but it's not a good time. So sad to let it go."

On the upside, another popular restaurateur has put the wheels in motion for a food truck. Makini Howell, proprietor of Plum Bistro and several other veggie-rific eateries, hopes to launch the city's first vegan truck, and is using Kickstarter to do so.

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