Video: Apparently Ginger Beer Doyenne Rachel Marshall Is an American Hipster

The Montana proprietor talks ginger beer success and plans to double the size of the popular bar.

By Allecia Vermillion October 25, 2012

YouTube channel American Hipster (founded by three Seattle natives) released the first of five Seattle-set episodes of its American Hipster Presents documentary series this week. The online channel produces short profiles of people in various cities, doing various hipstery things. While we would argue that Rachel's Ginger Beer founder Rachel Marshall deserves a better adjective than one used to describe the self-consciously trendy, she's the focus of the first episode and, as always, a delight to watch. Is it just me, or does her hair get mightier with each passing scene?

Marshall tells host Paavo Steinkamp, "we probably went through 100 incarnations of the recipe" before finalizing her signature blend of ginger, lemon, and simple syrup. The video also features cameos from Analog Coffee, Oddfellow's, and Matt's in the Market, where owner Dan Bugge ups his ginger beer order since "you come Thursday and we run out on Tuesday." C'mon guys, you totally planned that. Also: footage of prototypical hipsters at Montana enjoying picklebacks made with the house "proprietary pickle solution." Marshall also talks about her plans to double the size of Montana (hopefully by Christmas) and move her ginger beer operations offsite, probably somewhere lacking in charm but possessing a loading dock "so the palettes and bottles can come in 50 at a time." Rock on, Rachel. Here's the six-and-a-half-minute episode. Linda Derschang gets her moment in the American Hipster spotlight on November 26.


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